9 Facts About AC You Need to Know

131-jual acCurrently the need to use AC at home is higher. Because indeed the air around us grew hotter and hotter. This prompted many people to finally install air conditioning. But indeed for some people, have air conditioning is quite expensive. But the assumption is not entirely true. Because many also “jual ac” with affordable prices.

Well, here are some important facts about AC you need to know.

1. In 1908 became a historic year for air conditioner. Because in that year GB Wilson called as Mr. AC began to introduce about this product. With this tool can cool a certain room, filtering the microorganisms of air, dust, and small foreign objects

2. AC function is to move the hot air from the room outdoors, so the room becomes cooler. AC will blow cold air into the room as well as remove the hot air inside. The cold air is channeled through a coil evaporator.
This evaporator contains a refrigerant that changes from a liquid form to a gas. The principle happens just as when the liquid evaporates from our skin. In the evaporator coil is filled with a special liquid called a refrigerant,

3. When the first AC system is introduced, the output setting is measured as “Ice Power”. In other words, this measure is to explain how many blocks of ice are needed to produce the desired cooling power.

4. Willis Carrier made his first modern air conditioner in 1902 because of a problem he faced at a publishing company in New York. The problem is when it is difficult to control ink because of varying humidity levels. That way then made this air conditioner.

5. President of the United States, Herbert Hoover is the first President to enjoy the cool air conditioning. At that time, he spent $ 30,000 to install an air-conditioning system in an oval office.

6. If the first AC is considered a luxury item, now no longer. Currently many are “jual ac murah“. With prices ranging from Rp 2 million only, you can already have this air conditioner and feel the coolness of the air as you want.

7. AC performs more function than just cooling air. This tool also removes the humidity of the air and makes the air feel more comfortable.

8. AC also contribute to the world of health. A number of drugs produced today, when developed and researched can only be done in a cool room. That’s where this AC plays a role.

9. AC is believed to also be believed to increase population. This is the case in some regions of America. Increased use of air conditioning in an area was able to trigger an increase in population.

Those are some interesting and unique facts about AC. Hopefully this info can be useful and increase your knowledge.